Friday, April 17, 2009

A scentilating evening

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of dining with friends, who also happen to be the creative minds behind an amazing candle company called Adair Ya. After dinner, Sara invited Only and I back to her studio to an experience that was delightfully fun! Set in the quiet hills of Arkansas, we were surrounded by the woodland night sounds and a ever so gentle breeze while walking to path from their uniquely artist retreat/home to her studio. We were so thankful that her sweet husband tended to the kids so we could have this experience. To be honest it, it was a wonderful girl time for the three of us and she showed us how she makes her unique candles and diffusers. We had no idea all that went into making candles, but we quickly discovered it's a lot of chemistry, math, and health all rolled into one! What fun we had. She had all the bottles of delightful scents out, showed us how to blend different scents for uniquely special scents. Almost 3 1/2 hours later, we had created new scents, watched her create and pour candles, mix the special ingredients for the diffusers, and help attach labels to an order that she was preparing for a wedding. It was so refreshing to see her enthusiasm and knowledge, plus the care she takes with each order. She showed us the special art work that her talented husband creates for the candles, the labels and graphics he has designed. We are both so thankful that she allowed us so a wonderful experience last night and for letting us experience this. She even allowed us to create our own personal fragrance, named it for us, and sent us home, excited and anxious to try our new creations! Now I have to tell you that she did not invite us out there for me to blog about it, but rather because she wanted to share with us what she is doing. During our experience, I knew that I needed to write about it. She has the softest, gentle voice with a beautiful smile to go with it. One can tell that she not only cares about her business, but she really cares about people. How wonderfully we've been blessed by the friendship of her family!


Unknown said...

I love Sara :) and her candles.
Part of me wanted to save the candles she gave me forever, and the other part had to light them so I could smell them... mmmmmmmm....
Now they're gone. Maybe that's what I need to ask for, from hubby for my b-day :)

the momma said...

I can just imagine how lovely that would have been!

speaking of smells - I'd best go grab a shower while the girls a re sleeping, cause I smell, and it ain't scentilating :-)