Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time alone

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stay with a friend's son, who has the flu, while she went to an appt. This meant leaving Only in charge of 2 eleven year olds and Princess Izzy - which she handled wonderfully! I wonder if I was even missed? Oh, back to my time away... Knowing we have not been victims to the flu, minus Oldest, she cleaned and sanitized things I might touch - which wasn't much. I only saw her son once and he had a surgical mask on... He looked so tired! I must say that I truly relished my time away. It was quiet, except the TV which was playing McHale's Navy. I graded papers, laughed at a good movie, and enjoyed the view out her front door. They have the most beautiful trees - gorgeous colors! The picture I took doesn't do it justice - but I wanted to share. Just at a point when I was feeling overwhelmed with everything I felt I needed to do, God provided some time alone... I'm so thankful that he uses a very colorful paint brush each Fall! I believe I have tree envy!

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