Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas this year

We did something we've never done before - GASP! I know change is sometimes hard. My whole life, we have gone to my mother's in KS for Christmas, but this year we traveled to my brother's. Why? Space... Did we have a good time? YES! It was relaxing and enjoyable. We only got a smidgen of snow that did not hamper our travels, a White Christmas was something we don't get often. It was great to just sit back and relax - we had no set schedule. The teens spent a lot of time in the basement playing video games, but we also spent time playing games, snacking, and visiting. We had tri-tips and fixings for Christmas dinner, and homemade pizza later that weekend. It was great to hear the laughter coming from the kids and just watch them interact. I must honestly say I struggled with getting into the spirit this year. It just didn't seem there for me. Is it the economy? Is it the lack of decorations? Is it the overkill in being always on the go? Maybe it's my kids are growing up... Well, I'm off to work on a denim rag quilt that I'm attempting...

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures you have posted! Glad you had a wonderful time with family. Though I miss the times how we all use to get together. 4th of July is not often enough. Happy New Year!

Love ya
Your cuz from Oklahoma