Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Girls' Night Out

I must confess that I love Girls' Night Out (GNO). Honey encourages it. The reason? He knows that I need time with the girls and he trust that we won't do anything to get arrested... Okay, I can honestly claim we are not a threat to society, but maybe you should ask our kids. Sometimes we go out to eat. We've done Olive Garden, Sweet Bay Coffee Co., Cajuns Back Door (they have a great atmosphere and yummy alligator tail bites), Teds Cafe (the most yummy mexican food), Sister's Bistro. We're usually the loudest, share lots of laughter, try each other's meal, and are the ones having the most fun. I'm sure this is a shock... Sometimes we go to an event. Once we all went to Tulsa to see Mamma Mia, the Broadway musical. We even took the church van - they called it a Fellowship Outing! I must say that while the musical was fun to see, I think I'll stick with the movie. Sometimes we go to each others homes. We've had a spa party complete with massage chair, piƱa coladas, and awesome foot soaks. None of us wanted to go home, but it was "slightly" past our "curfew". During Christmas break we had a game night (Imagine If) with awesome snacks - see the previous post for Pam's Awesome Salsa. Why GNO? Because this group of Sisterchicks are honest, we can laugh at ourselves and the things we do/have done, there is honest sharing because we know our thoughts and things we share about stay within the group. I really trust this group and though we don't talk about our Faith, all of us are Believers, but all of us are real - does this make sense? They don't judge. It may be about kids, marriage, our Honeys, jobs, parenting, things that stress us, temptations, but no Honey bashing here! One of the girl's Honey always tells me when he is going to be out of the state or country so we can plan a GNO or just call to check in with her. Who? We have nurses, teachers, city employees, SAHMs, you name it, we're there. These are such smart ladies and they can really chew on you if they feel you being hard on yourself. They are encouragers, supporters, prayer warriors, and sisters. Sometimes our teenagers want to come and a few times we've opened it up to include them, but for the most part, we need to be free to talk and share. They've shown me how to be a more gentle mom, to open my heart and listen, to focus on others, and to be open to receiving their love and care as well. We've never signed a pact saying "What happens at GNO stays at GNO" or pass around a prayer list. I love these ladies because they accept me for who I am and STILL include me! Some of us are rebels at heart, some are so quiet you wonder if they are having a good time! Sweet Honey always ask if I had a good time, each evening I return. He does this to be polite - I know he does. He knows that each time I get out with the girls, I'm more relaxed, I can vent, cry, laugh, be rowdy, and I come home with a lighter heart and spirit. Thanks ladies for helping me keep life real, encouraging me, and letting allowing us to be who we are... friends.


Unknown said...

i've got a friend like that who is pretty busy with college (she's not married yet) and it is SUCH a blessing to just get to chill and talk with her about almost anything. And it's fun! Too bad with my sin nature, it's tempting to switch from talking to gossip, but even so it is so precious to have a friend like that - glad you have some!

Flourchild said...

Girlfriends are the best! Love my friends!