Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Forty-four years ago a miracle happened.  After more than two months in the hospital, She delivered a sweet little boy was born in Indiana.  Because of issues with the pregnancy, Joyce spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital, fighting to prevent early delivery.  Her husband would bring their 10 and 7 year old to the parking lot so they could wave to their mom in her room.  He worked hard to take care of those two boys and they were happy when Mom finally came home with their little brother.  As the years passed, they would complain that "He's getting into all our stuff" and "he's bothering us again!".  I'm not sure who was tormenting more, Dave or his brothers.  He was known to sneak out of the house when mommy was taking a nap and hiding in the tree out from of their house... Many of his teachers claim he was perfect, but I know a few people that would say differently! He was a prankster at his best in HS and college! 

 That boy eventually grew up to be a fantastic man that I fell in love with in college.  Now, 20 years late, he has become more loving, thoughtful, a daddy, friend, comforter, provider, teacher, and is a pretty good repair guy to have around when something breaks!  He was the first one to welcome each of our children into the world, tenderly hold them, and rock them. He is the "fun" one in our family... I love his boyish charm and the twinkle in his eyes.  Today we celebrate the arrival of the wonderful Christian man that we love so much!  Happy Birthday Honey!

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