Thursday, March 25, 2010


If I had to write an essay on what I did over Spring Break, it wouldn't include a trip to some great snow-capped state (we actually had snow here the FIRST day of Spring), relaxing on the beach, exploring Disney,visiting family & friends.  No, I had surgery.

I'm sure you don't want to hear about it all, so this is the abbreviated version.  Switching to a different ENT this last year, we found that he really very concerned about finding the reason for and a lasting solution to my sinus problems. Last month a CT revealed blocked sinus passages and sinus disease.  Tuesday, March 23, I underwent sinus surgery again.  I must say I dreaded it... I knew from my previous surgery in '08 that it would be painful and the recovery would not be fun (not that any recovery is). You would think from all my other surgeries, I would be used to this, but I don't know anyone personally that really enjoys having surgery. One thought God kept telling me was He was in charge and I had to turn my insecurities and worries of the recovery over to Him.  Surely if Jesus and followers all over the world can suffer for him and I can endure this...

Let's face it, the saying "If momma ain't happy..."   I guess what really stunned me was Honey.  We were sitting in the Dr. office discussing options and Honey basically said that after I healed from my last deviated septum procedure, I was a different person than he'd ever known and he was all for doing corrective surgery.  Okay, we've known each other for 22 years, 20 of those in marriage.  If I had known all those years ago, what was causing me to feel run down and crabby, I would have done it a long time ago.  I could have been a different, perhaps better mom to my kids and wife to Honey, but I don't have a time machine, so I'll deal with now. That is the reason I agreed to the surgery.

So here I sit, in a drug induced state, eating mini meals to qualm my queasy stomach, providing a nice warm stationary place for our kitty, my mind is a foggy, and guess what? 

1.  Friends want to help.  You would think that I don't cook for my family.  When my sister chicks offered to bring meals, my kids got so excited!  I guess they didn't want to eat cereal and sandwiches for a few weeks. Let me tell you, these ladies are great cooks!  For some reason, food taste better when someone else fixes it. I have so much appreciated all theirs prayers as well!

2.  I got breakfast in bed for the first time.  Okay, so what if it was Carnation Instant Breakfast Drink and my pain pill or that I was sitting in the recliner, my "bed" for a week.  

3.  Wearing a tiny "maxi-pad" under my nose is not comfortable nor sexy.

4.  I can take all the naps I want.  Never mind that I can hardly keep my eyes open at time and that I'm exhausted. We have over 100 some channels but there is only so much TV one can watch, especially at 2 a.m.

5. I fixed the laptop!  It has been on the fritz for almost a year - somebody downloaded something with a nasty something in it... I still can't tell you how I did the restore or installed all the stuff if I could ever do it again.  I tried to tell Honey he needed to give me $200 for fixing it, but all I got was a high-five and a silly grin. Oh, he did offer to fix Frosty Ice Cream, so I guess that makes up the repair cost!

6.  This is the perfect time for my family to record any silly, drug-induced things I say.  Only said I claimed the dr. put grease in my eyes. Honey said I told all the nurses they had pretty eyes.  I once offered Honey "you know what" for 2 months if he wouldn't make me go through with one surgery.  Needless to say, that fell through and I had a 6 week reprieve of healing.  Get your note pad out and start writing kids!

Honey claims the Dr. took some of my brain out and the headaches I've been having are because I'm mean.   Which ever it is, I'm heading off to my recliner...

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Lorie said...

Hope you're all recovered and feeling better. I can't imagine you being MEAN ever!

My kids always liked getting meals delivered from friends too....I think it's just the change of options and the excitement and the way it makes you feel sorta special....okay so I'll admit I like to get meals delivered as well. ;)
Thanks for the prayers for my Elli!