Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Day

I think there are a lot of people praying for us.  It was a fabulously beautiful day for us yesterday.  We've had much laughter at with The Princess and we even did school!
  • The Princess used the potty THREE times (even the littlest things are cause for celebration),
  • we laughed at her (and my) silly dancing to Days of Elijah after lunch
  • I explored blogs while Youngest was doing math problems and English (I'm shameless) and found a few new ones I enjoyed and revisited a few I had not in the last two weeks.  Here is one from a fabulously creative Momma that I love dearly and some beautiful purses she recently made.
  • Last night was Girl's Night Out at Sweet Bay Coffee Co. while Honey took the kids to a Skillet concert. 
  • Youngest had a great day with minimal tears and better concentration. 
Last night was a wonderful time with the Girls.  I so much appreciate these Sisterchicks so much because when we are together there is an allowance of being real, honest, crying, sharing, laughing, venting, and accepting of the vast differences and backgrounds, experiences, and roads we've been on. I just love these ladies and the feeling of being at ease when we're all together. 

Whew! There is a lot going on this week with just our family.  
  • Oldest is on a summer job interview at this moment.  My heart made a huge leap in my chest when I saw when walk out the door all dressed up for this.  
  • Oldest will go on his FIRST date this Saturday and to his first Prom as well... Thankfully, she is a girl we know well, love her and her family, AND go to church with them!  We've never pushed dating or stuff or made a big deal about it, but a few rules reside in our home: No dating until 16, must go in groups, and have fun. So Oldest has been working hard to secure his own tux, the fitting, the corsage (or a "wristlet" as it called it), and finding someone fun to double date with.  He finally asked his best friend (who happens to be from a rival school) to hang with them while driving to and from.  It's honestly been a little sticky around our house because Oldest's date is one of Only's best friends and Oldest neglected to tell us or Only that he had asked her out.  Still praying on this one... 
  • Only now has her drivers permit, but Honey has been doing the ride-along stuff.  
  • It's Mother's Day weekend... It's a REALLY long story, but I've never liked, always disliked this day, and even dreaded it.  It always falls on or extremely close to my birthday (10th) and it has always been a difficult day for me.  Knowing this, I was surprised when this flower arrangement arrived today from Honey, but thankful that he's not given up trying.  God has been really working on my heart this last week about Mother's Day... Even now as I write about it, it is hard and I'm ready to cry and just pitch it all.  
  • The Sunday before last we attended the vow renewal of some really dear friends, celebrating their 22nd Anniversary. Their two little boys giggling from the pews as their parents "sealed their vows with a kiss" and family looking on.  Later that week, as the kids and I were in the kitchen after school was done, it was brought up that Honey and I should renew ours since it will be our 20th in June... I told them I had no time to plan something like that, so they countered we should do it for our 25th.  I told them they wouldn't be around at that time (I'm thinking they will be in college or something).  The boy I tutor said he wanted to be the "best man", to which Oldest put his arm around my shoulder and said "Mommy, I'll walk you down the aisle!"   I just wanted to sit down and cry because no one had ever offered to do that before (another long and painful story) and now Oldest and Youngest were fighting who was going to do it... What a deep effect this has had on me... *sigh*
  • On the lighter side, I had 4 inches chopped off my thick straight hair and my dear hairstyles even did a quick color my gray for me yesterday... I felt like a new woman... Now if I can just style it to look half like she did for my driver's license picture tomorrow that I have to renew! 

    Thank you so much for stopping by, wading through this post and just "listening!"

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the momma said...

I thought your hair looked extra spectacular this morning :-)