Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friends to the rescue...

I've been constantly reminded this last month of how blessed our family is by our friends.  As nutty as we can get these people accept us for who we are  and STILL hang around us!  Amazing! We're so thankful that God has placed these people in our lives and family - because when we're with them, it's like being with family.

  • Tracy - fellow mom and sewing guru.  I love going to her house, even for a sewing consult on a quilt or just for inspiration.  She's fantastic at knowing how to trim and save.  Her knowledge of how much something cost or where the best deal is, her knack for finding awesome bargains, or making the cutest clothes for her kids just astounds me. She has the sweetest kids and I love listening to them.
  • The Leonards - the best of friends for 10 years, we love going to their house and spending time with them. They were married the same year as we were, and Les had his first open heart surgery the same year as Youngest. Les (reminds me of Mickey Rooney) is a fantastic griller (though we try not to tell him too often).  Ester, smart nursing instructor at a nearby college, but don't let her quiet demeanor throw you off. She has the biggest heart... 
  • Phyllis - talked me through making Strawberry Jam, found a great gas stove to replace our dying 20 yr. old range - FREE! 
  • Friends who have allowed us to come over to do laundry while we're waiting for a part to come in so Honey can get our washer fixed. 
  • Eva - dear friend who helps me retain sanity, talk me through some rough moments, listens and has agreed to not stress me out. She is a friend who listens with her heart, gives greatly.
  • The Girls - who allow me to be myself when we get together, make me laugh, bring me to tears, encourage, keep me accountable, and let me know that it's going to be okay.
  • Raine - dearest friend, who happens to be my cousin and Aunt to my kids.  We've gone through a lot, she's prayed much and spoken with her heart.  I so much admire her and her spirit.  She is a sister of the heart and absolutely beautiful!
  • Amy - she has shared her Princess with us this last year, her heart and spirit amazes me. I love to see all the things she does with her family, unafraid and moving forward...  She loves those kids she teaches and has so much to offer them... 
  • Shawnda - she is Only's Discipleship Group lead, tells it like it is, is the most fantastic resale shopper, active mom with a huge heart and beautiful voice.  I appreciate that she will take Only resale shopping and really enjoys it! 

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Raine said...

Awe! So Sweet! Thank you for saying that. I haven't stopped by for a while (not because I didn't want too!) and then too read such kind words! Love you SuperMom Wonderwoman! You have inspired me and never gave up on me when I was at my lowest. For that, I thank you!