Monday, September 13, 2010

Blogging in my dreams

My friend and I were attending an elegant wedding.  The ceremony was wonderful, the couple looked so beautiful together as they said their vows.  You would have thought they were the only ones in the room.  At the reception, sat at our table, watching the festivities and suddenly, there he was, standing all suave and confident behind the wedding cake, serving cake. He, Dale Earnhardt Jr. (NASCAR driver), (yes, that's who I said) ,  beckoned us over with his million dollar smile and inquired "Would you like a piece of $28 a slice wedding cake?" 

Whoa!!!  What groom invites us to eat some cake and tells us how much it cost per slice...  Taking my expensive tiny piece of cake back to the table, my friend and I sit down and grab our phones...  yep, we couldn't resist!  We were going to blog about this one! As I sat with my iPhone in hand, typing out a post to my blog, a beautiful melody, Bella's Lullaby, began playing and people began taking the dance floor.. It was the most dreamy scene..

ARGHHH! Silly me, it was only a dream!  Reaching for my alarm, I tried to silence it before it woke Honey up. See he was taking Friday off and I wanted him to get a chance to sleep in... Rats! 

"Is everything okay," he mumbles. 
"Um, yeah, I just had a dream about Earnhardt Jr. serving me $28 a slice wedding cake."
As I slipped into the bathroom, I could hear him chuckling... , I don't even like Earnhardt Jr, so what was he doing in my dream?  The only thing I can think of is I was missing blogging and my brain was telling me to get with it!  Blogging was invading my sleep and inventing things for me to write about...

Now before you think I made this whole thing up, I didn't.  I actually dreamed the whole thing!  I'm still not sure what the $28 a slice cake had to do with it other than it was breakfast time and it looked so scrumptous! Maybe Ace of Cakes or Cake Boss made it, who knows. Have you ever had a weird dream about blogging ?  I'd love to hear about it and know I'm not the only one!
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Raine said...

I'm smiling! Thanks for posting this! I've had dreams almost every night this past week, but nothing that I can actually remember when I wake up. Dreams can be so funny!


Blogging entered my dreams for the first time last week. How funny. I was also thinking of blogging about it. :)