Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heart Problems

We have a noise problem in our house.  Granted we can have 5-6 kids here at any time, we live in a very busy road, and in the late afternoon, the front door is used more than a doggy door, but the noise problem is in our hearts. 
  lout -
pout - to look or be sullen 
flout - treat with contempt; scorn
rout -to force or drive out
broodTo focus the attention on a subject persistently and moodily;
worry: brooded over the insult for several days.

This seems like such a simple list of spelling words, but hidden within it are words that God is using to work on me this week. Do you see the ones in bold face?   Yesterday, I was failing miserably with the mission God has given to me.  He has given me grace, love, mercy, and yet I felt my jaw clench, my mind wandering, and my forehead wrinkling. Not good.  The words coming from my mouth were not gracious, loving, or merciful.

Youngest and I had a talk this morning about the words from our mouths and our actions will void anything we say or do to influence others to Christ if our actions are not consistent.  We have both struggled with showing a great deal of consistent love/friendship towards the student I have.  We don't have an excuse, but we agreed that we both need to work on it because we might be the only chance for him to hear the Message.  It's really easy to show love to the girls - they're babies/toddlers, but God has put this young boy in our lives for a purpose.  It may not make sense, but it's our mission. 

I know I posted this last week, but here it is again:

Keli from Internet Cafe Devotions stated:
  "I hear Jesus whispering in my ear, “Abide in me. Don’t let your circumstances define you or expect them to nurture you. Don’t sit back and hope the rains will come. Set your roots deep into me. Listen to me, follow me, love me. When you do, I promise you’ll not only survive, but you’ll thrive. When you’re…
…filled with sorrow, rest in me.
…overcome with worry, trust in me.
…drowning in despair, follow me.
…thirsting for a fresh word, listen to me.
…dabbling with doubt, obey me.
…a swirl with apathy, seek me.”
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