Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The hidden gift of a shoebox

Shoe Boxes... What do you do with them?  If you're like my Honey, he wants to hold on to them "In case we need them" he claims.  So they reside in the attic and garage, just in case... Oh, they do get used. If you were to explore my house (which I hope never happens), you would find that they help organize some of my sewing supplies (ribbon, interfacing, special thread, sippers, sewing projects ready for construction, etc), art/craft supplies (beads, paint, craft sticks, glass paint), pictures, scrapbooking supplies... yes, we use them well as functional storage.
  But what if that one shoe box provided hope and joy. Each year our church participates with thousands of people across the nation in  Operation Christmas Child, but this year we partnered with a local low income school to provide Christmas gifts for each child.  We decided to get a box for each person in our family - I think Only and I had the most fun, but we were more practical than the boys with the socks, gloves, and toiletries, but I wanted to add something fun and girlie.

So I made a Runaround Bag/Purse for our two girls (ages K-4th grade). I was so excited about that I showed them to a few friend from our Wednesday evening homegroup.  They loved them and wanted to know how to make them, so this last Saturday I guided them as crazy at first, but it calmed down and they began to see their lovely creations take shape - literally! They did a fantastic job!  Ester was so excited about it, that she went home and made a matching larger different tote,with matching fabric, so her granddaughter would have something to keep her dance shoes, leotard, and other things in.

Phyllis for her granddaughter

Teri for Phyllis' other grandaughter
Ester for her granddaughter

Their Runaround Bags
  Do your family do anything special during the Christmas season?  Do the recipients know who blessed them or do you do it in secret? I'd love to hear about it! 
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