Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Modified Pillowcase Dress for The Princess

Have you  just longed to do something? 
Were you a little cautious 
because it was something 
you've never done before?

Christmas was coming up
and I wanted to do something
for The Princess
something that didn't cost a lot
but yet she would still like it.
Rolling out Pizza Dough
Rummaging through my fabric stash
can you guess what I found? 
A pillowcase still in the package.
Ah, the girl loves a dress!

Wheels were turning in my tired brain,
but Susan and Tamara's great tutorials
made it easier and soon I had a dress.
The arm hole

Because it looked HUGE,
I looked up an old friend, 
cut a yoke
and refashioned the dress

Old Friend: Seam Ripper
Adding pleats

Homemade piping
Pleats and Piping on the front

Ruffles at the hem
Ribbon Straps
Finished dress
The Princess and her dress
Her Momma reported she said "AHHHH"  right before she demanded to put it on. My thought is for her to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath for winter wear.  Only declared that she wanted a pillowcase dress, but that project will have to wait for another day for now. 

Have you ever started a project with clear direction and changed it in the midst of it?  Were  you pleased with the outcome or wished you stuck with the original plan?

I want to thank Susan at Freshly Picked 
for posting her easy to follow tutorial,
giving inspiration and encouragement,
and the chart for Standard (American) Dress Lengths 
that made making this dress much easier than it could have been.  

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