Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paci Holders

It has been years since a Pacifier has entered our home when not attached to a visitor, but since "H" has been here, we've found them to be quite helpful.  Oldest was my only paci-baby, and I can't tell you how many times we lost such an important part of his life.  I'm sure someday, we'll find one hidden somewhere.

After seeing my friends had no practical ways to keep those Soothie Pacifier from the hospital close at hand,  I decided there had to be a way to make sturdy and more personalized holders - and there was

Feeling a bit of a creative bug taking hold, I gathered some supplies and created some personalized Paci-holders right before Christmas. Some were gifts from me to special kids and a few others I sold for $4 as Christmas gifts. We found they work great for all types of pacifiers. 

For my nephew
My label

The name on my labels are a bit of a funny for us because Claire actually doesn't have a closet in her room.  I've used this name when I first started sewing for other people.

  I ordered some clips from Everything Ribbon on Etsy, and really appreciated the hardy locking clip with plastic locking teeth that would not damage precious clothing or be pulled off easily.   I've since discovered that many talented and crafty people out there have made some of the cutest Paci holders! 

The original clip I made using Velcro was really not that great because it easily wore out.  Needed something more long lasting,  so I went with an elastic or corded piece on the end to attach to the pacifier. I love the corded option because I could easily match it to the ribbon used.


I had a lot of fun learning and expanding my knowledge on these.  The parents loved having a personalized and cute holder, and I believe the babies appreciated a shorter wait time on finding an available paci.

Have you ever started a project - just to see if you could do it and glad you did?  What was your project and why did you start it? 

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Anonymous said...

These are really neat! Do you sell them?