Friday, January 21, 2011

Cutting corners to save money (aka sanity)

One thing about being a mom and having this blog is that I aspire to improve.  I'm not the best mom or wife out there, but I really want to be the best that I can for the family God has placed me in.  One of those ways is being careful with our moneyDo you and your family have ways that you cut corners to save money?  We haven't always, but in the last 10 years, I've been more diligent about it.  Now before you start  thinking I'm Miss Happy Homemaker, come visit me for a while and we'll shoot that theory down very quickly!

  • Making our own laundry detergent
  • using vinegar for fabric softener
  • homemade household cleaners (409, soft scrub, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner)
  • homemade baby wipes 
  • most all of our homeschool curriculum is bought very used (I spent $30-40  per child this year total!)
    • via
    • a local church which has a huge selection of curriclum
    • friends who are finished with theirs for this year.
    • Ebay
  • homemade spaghetti, bbq, secret pizza sauce,
  • Honey is my do-it-all repair guy (and a handsome one at that) if he doesn't know how to fix it, he researches it
  • Resale shops.  Some of you may cringe at this one, but Only can get a pair of American Eagle jeans for less than $6.  People unload their stuff there and at Goodwill.  Don't discount these places yet.
  • checking books out from the library (church and public library)
  • coupons, coupons, coupons.  I think my  kids hate that word)
  • free books via Kindle  I have yet to pay for any of the more than 30 books I have on my Kindle for iPhone).  CBD also offers free ebooks. 
    The Pioneer Woman: An Early Excerpt
  • speaking of iPhones - there are 4 of us in our home that have Apple products (1 phone and 3 iTouches).  Once we all sync our devices to the computer, we can all share apps that the other uses without having to waste $$ with repurchasing! 
  • If you have a need, put the word out to friends and God.  We've been so blessed to be GIVEN a great new stove and God lead us to a wonderful cast iron Kohler double sink for only $25 that was at a local bakery!
There are too many to list, but I'm sure you help your family save money some way.  Can you tell me a few of your favorites?  
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Jodi said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I get my ink cartridges refilled at Walgreen's. That helps alot with all of the printing we do for homeschooling. :)


You go, Lynnet. Keep up the great work.