Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Image association and super spies

Have you ever done something
and each time you do it, 
you are reminded of an image 
that is burned deep in your brain? 

I do.

What could occupy the recesses of my brain
but be so powerful it is recalled only be a specific event? 

Vacuuming  and cleaning Youngest room

Yes, I said it. 

The image? 

Do you remember the TV Show
Scarecrow and Mrs. King?
Yeah the one with the unaware (former Angel) Kate Jackson
handsome spy Bruce Boxleitner...
(I was going to say hunky)

This is a picture says it all...

To think there is a floor in there 
and we actually discovered it on Sunday.
Even Youngest said it was nice
We still haven't found a pony or other buried treasure.
What we did find was 
a place to sit
a few "special" books,
some *eh hem* dirty clothes
and enough orphan things to fill a trash bag.
 I was just thankful nothing was found dead or living under all the rubble!
Have you ever had this happen?
What is the image or experience? 

Until next time,

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First of all, I liked that show :).

My youngest daughter and I still laugh, all these many years later at the memory of the huge marathon cleaning days we would have IN HER ROOM. We would carry bags of junk (mostly paper) to the garbage. A few months later . . . we would be at it again.

Sounds like you two had fun.