Sunday, February 20, 2011


9:30 p.m.
I couldn't believe it
The cage was quite empty
this is the pits!
Frantic fingers won't quit
raking sand and bark
for I have grit

I'm not ready to admit
that Bindi, the snake has split
oh, yeah, this is legit

Bindi must, I will submit
have found some hole
with a sneaky tool kit

I will not throw a fit
for I am not a twit
oh, contraire!

to Thin Mint Cookies I will flit
and pray the cat
will not quit
 and catch that snake
Lickety Split

 7:30 a.m.
oh, Youngest was quite a hit
when this morning he proclaimed
"Mom, I found it!
It's in YOUR room!

I did not lose it
but I did calmly walk
 to the dog-gaurded serpent

I did not think
my fingers closed behind it's head
and carried safely for it's benefit
to it glass abode.

It's only Monday, is it?

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There are not enough Thin Mint cookies in the world for this! You are cracking me up here.

Check out my blog on Wednesday ~ a little blog award surprise for you.


Aspiring Mom2three said...

Ah Glenda, you torture me! I bet you would have been diving for the hidden Thin Mints as well. What else is there to do, but laugh at all the craziness. Thankfully the snake is albino and doesn't blend in with the carpet! I'd never found her if that had been the case. Can't wait for Wednesday.

There are several things lately that have me really digging and searching for the blessing in... It may take me a while on those.