Friday, April 15, 2011

Ribbon Bow Dress

custom ribbon button to match
My friend Audra has the cutest little brunette, with a beautiful smile and lots of energy.  She also has some cute dresses that "Miss I" has outgrown and I have the opportunity to make new outfits, using the smaller outfits for patterns.  The first dress was an adorable green paisley Ainsley James dress

and making a new larger size one for The Princess was not hard at all.
I think she likes it!
a not so exciting back
Look at my flower!

Princess Izzy with a Lenten Rose

To tie it all together...
Do you have any projects you've been working on?  I have so much more to do, but am looking forward to some time to relax, maybe finish a One Thousand Gifts book, and get some more sewing done.  Want to know the best part of making this dress?  It only cost $14!!! 


time to enjoy said...

nice work

Anonymous said...

I love the browns with the bold colors! And I love the $14 too! Have fun sewing.


Simply adorable.


Craig said...

I really shouldn't comment on this - my man card is already in jeopardy because I've said publicly that moms write theology better than men. Then there was Blissdom. And more than one of my male brethren has noted I write like a girl. If I actually say how cute that dress is, and your baby, and those pictures, and the bow - I'll lose the card. So - meh - just pretend I was never here - ok...

God Bless you and yours

remember - I was never here...

no spring chicken said...

What a beautiful dress on a beautiful princess!

Blessings, Debbie