Monday, April 25, 2011

Gifts of Grace

Some recent Gifts of Grace

  1. Lillies of the Valley, silent and fragrant bells, lure me to their bed
  2. School House Rock play was a fantastic field trip and got our toes tapping
  3. Laughter around the dinner table
  4. Fresh muffins from the oven
  5. Hug from my almost graduated son
  6. Release from cancer, rejoicing in the midst of grief
  7. Cool spring rain
  8. "Mommy can you rock with me? I don't feel so good."  The 12 yr. old body of Youngest, turns, and nestles, searches for that one comfy spot.  
  9. smell of bacon frying
  10. Friends surround grieving families
  11. Boy Scout Troop leaders
  12. Gathering of friends, laughter, good food, love
  13. Nerf gun wars between teens and young grade schoolers... Jury is still out on who really won.
  14. Three years of learning, growing, trials, revelations, and acceptance with "W".  His last day is Friday as his dad is being transferred.  
  15. "W" with his latest creation
  16. Listening to Miss Izzy reading Brown Bear before nap time.  



I love your list . . . so real. Full of the highs and lows of life. Wow, W is leaving? I pray that transition goes well for all of you.


the momma said...

Brown Bear is the perfect book for first 'reading's

so how was W-less school today??

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your list ...those lilies of the valley ...they don't toil nor spin. So many lessons we can learn from them!