Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday's Gifts of Grace

Gifts of Grace

I'm "slightly" behind on posting my Gifts of Grace, but I'm still thankful for these gifts, though mundane as they may seem, they are still gifts.
  1. Only started working job at Pizza Warehouse.  She is the only Christian there and this can be trying. 
  2. Zoe's Blissful Confection quilt is finished and given to her.
  3. Freedom
  4. Vet bill paid for by a stranger. Lady has all her shots! 
  5. Only helping with little ones when I'm in a pinch.  She does so without being asked and with a smile.  She is a blessing to me. 
  6. Love of friends.
  7. God sent a drug rep to the dr. office I was at for a checkup.  The dr. had just stated that they had not had a drug rep stop by in a while, especially with migraine medication.  Thank you God for seeing my need ahead of time! 
  8. Cooler night temps - leaving the windows open
  9. Pesky smelling possum is gone from the trash can!
  10. Gas prices dropped to $3.16 (9/25/11)
  11. Clean house
  12. New purse for $3.00
  13. Youth leaders in church
  14. No bills in the mail
  15. New toaster oven, given to us, just when our regular toaster broke!  We love it! 
  16. Sewing pretty little girl dresses for others brings sweet memories
  17. Tumor removed from Lady
  18. Youngest Home camping with Miss I's family.  Great fun was had by all.
  19. Miss Jan came to church, in spite of her extreme pain from a fall and cancer, still smiling and glad to be at church.
  20. Honey, FIL, Oldest and family friend safely back from the NASCAR race in Talladega, AL

If you would like to join in recording the Gifts that He has given you, or would like to learn about "A Dare to Live Fully, Right Where you Are: One Thousand Gifts , go to Ann's blog at A Holy Experience and join people from all walks of life and places in the world as we Count His Gifts.

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CDJ said...

lovely list:) you are blessed indeed! thank you for sharing your gratitude.