Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm still here

I'm here.  Really, I'm still here.  It's been almost a month since I last wrote and there are days that go by that I don't even get to the computer to turn it on.  Overwhelmed at times with feeling like I need to get it all done but realizing that it's okay it doesn't have to be "all done".  I've been here before and I am smart enough to know I'm not the only one.  God gives me moments and answers just when I need them, in His time. 

No one has died or fallen ill because
  • the floor wasn't mopped
  •  the laundry is still in the basket
  • the dishwasher still needs to be emptied
  • we had "clean out the fridge night" again. So thankful that we have extra food! 
  • the baby toys are still on the living room floor when I go to bed
  • the bathroom tub looks "slightly" used this week
  • the dog cleans up the kitchen floor when food is dropped

I've been battling with sleepless nights (even with a prescription sleeping pill) and exhaustion during the day.  I've battled with this since college, but seems it has gotten worse With little ones that I care for, sleeping during the day is not an option. After trying Lunesta and still not sleeping through the night or even going to sleep, the doctor put me on a different med and I am thankfully sleeping until my alarm goes off most days.  I'm a much nicer person when I get sleep!

Lady with Miss C
  • Oldest has started college and got his first official job working at Ultimutt Dog Care  as a dog handler. Seems like we see him less, but he is loving having classes finish before 1 p.m.
  • Only is in the middle of her senior year just started her first official job at Pizza Warehouse as party and game hostess.  She continues cleaning homes for two families once a week - doing school in the mornings.
  • Youngest is in 8th grade and very involved in Boy Scouts. He enjoyed an adventurous summer camp and is involved in a local drama winter production of A Christmas Carol. 
  • Little Ones:  I no longer care for Miss H, but have added a new little one, Miss C, who was born the end of this June.  Sweet baby smiles and cuddles are what I love.

I was blessed when Glenda at Notes on the Journey told me I had won a copy of Life: Beautiful (Faith for Your Journey) on her blog giveaway.  It is filled with not only beauty, but inspiration and encouragement in my faith. I have really enjoyed reading through it  - I needed that! 

Adams Photography
We finally had some family pictures taken by our sweet friend and talented photography, Amy from Adams Photography. I'm making a shameless plug for her - she has a wonderful affordable Fall Special going on if you live in my area.
Contact her by:

Finally comfortable
Our poor German Shepard, Lady had surgery 10 days ago to remove a large vascular tumor, commonly referred to as "The Hangy Downy thing" in our home.  Her incision was 6" long and horribly uncomfortable, but we are thankful to have it done.  Y  We switched vets this year to a clinic closer to home and at this time, we've seen a big blessing financially.  The first day we took her there for a yearly check up (shots and stuff) - I had been saving for the $58 from my baby-sitting checks and God gave us the BIGGEST blessing! Someone came in, while we were back with the vet, asking if we were there, and PAID our vet bill for that day!!!!!  I was in tears when I left! I still don't know who our angel was, but we are over whelmed with their kindness.  Yesterday we had her stitches out and found out the results of the histopathology.  What the vet said just about made me crumble on the floor and cry, but I had Youngest with me,  said the mass was potentially Malignant. I know that says potential, which is a big word, but we have a big God.  I know this is just a dog, but this dog does not leave my side.  For some reason, she follows me around constantly, watching me, dependent on me to make sure she feels safe.  I'm not a dog person and really just tolerate them, but I must say I do love this dog.

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Susan Mc. said...

How blessed to have someone pay your vet bill....and I love the picture of your family!