Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raine's X-Rated Quilt,

Raine's X-Rated Quilt
 I knew, when I first saw the X-Rated quilt at Jo's Country Junction and Kim's Big Quilting Adventure, that I HAD to make it and I had just the person in mind.  I was flying a little blind because I was going off the picture Jo had posted ( I recommend buying the pattern instead), but was up to the challenge. You should have seen all the LOOKS I got when I told friends what type of quilt I was making!

I started off with Faith, Hope, Love print material I had found at JoAnn's 15 years ago (nothing like getting it using it right away), pulled in some other colors, and started arranging colors.  I had to put the cheetah material in there - a little sassiness! I had Honey help me lay the quilt out (because he's awesome at it) and though I planned for it to be a simple personal snuggle quilt, it turned out to be big enough for a queen sized bed.  There was some wonkiness going on with the border, but it just reminded me that only God is perfect and He uses that imperfection in each of us just the way He needs to.
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One half
The other half


 Using free-motion quilting, I had the freedom to hide  20 adjectives describing her (from her kids and mom), her favorite scripture (Proverbs 3:5-6), the outline of the state she lives in, and her name within the winding endless 1,920 yards of thread.  It's like a big word search!  (I only posted these so she would know what words to look for in case she can't find them all.

Some personalization
  • considerate
  • loving
  • thoughtful
  • discerning
  • patient
  • hardworking
  • Raine
  • Mom
  • funny
  • forgiving
  • prayerful
  • smart
  • faith
  • hope
  • gift
  • loved
  • considerate
  • friend
  • beautiful
  • understanding

    Piano Key Boarder
The back (half of it anyway)

Raine, her mom, Lindsey (daughter)

 I loved making this for Raine, my cousin.  She's always been a special part of my life - from childhood playmate, college dorm-mate, encourager, prayer warrior, mentor, friend, fellow mom...  I really wanted her to know that when she wraps that quilt around her, she is wrapped in love - literally.

Feb. 2013 Update:  It was a little strange visiting Raine a few months ago and seeing this quilt on her bed.  I guess I had spent so much time working on it, that it was like an old friend, and leaving it there just seemed wrong!  I still love this one and maybe someday I'll make it again.

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Rain said...

I am so blessed to have YOU as my cousin and friend. Words can not be spoken that will ever describe how overwhelmed I still feel and so undeserving I am to receive this beautiful quilt that is hand-made & hand-stiched with so much love. I love you very much and you are inspiring to many.