Thursday, January 26, 2012

We danced

She was fussy, sleepy,
but not ready to give up.
In the muted room,
we danced
cheek to cheek,
my hand cradling her small frame.
Kissing her sweet chubby cheek,
I inhaled, that soft sweet scent
Tears crest and threaten to spill from my eyes
remember the sweetness of such a wee one.
We danced past the mirror
She giggles, catching a glimpse of some cute little thing
smiling at her in the mirror.
We danced,
swaying to silent music
her chubby hand wanders
from my shoulder to my mouth
(as all little ones do from time to time.)
She pulls her fingers out and relaxes a bit                                                                
head lulling to the side,                                                               
a soft, resigning sigh releases from her lips,                                                             
and she gives in                                                           
as we danced.                                                         


Momma Hume said...

Precious moments! She is such a beautiful baby. What ever would you do if there was a baby boy around who's parents needed you to keep while they worked? ;-)

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. Your poem is lovely.