Monday, June 11, 2012

Running away, Popcorn, and some special "Dreaming"

Have you ever run away from home?  I don't mean when you were little and your mom helped packed your bag for you. I did last night.  Oh, I didn't go far - about a mile down the road to a friends house.  I really went to buy popcorn (they bought a big 20+ bag at Sams), but, if it's all the same, I really went to run away. 

California Dreaming special bag
Everything was going well until I pulled in their drive and saw they had company.  Wouldn't have been a problem except I just finished helping Honey mow, had a bleached splotched, holey, cut up, bright pink t-shirt, hair probably still had grass and dirt from the projectile cloud of dust from Honey's push mower, and my shoes probably still had dog slobber on them.  To make matters worse, I discovered when I got out of the car that my shirt was on WRONG side out!!!  Sheesh!  I can't even dress myself properly to mow! 

Special Surprise tucked inside

QL's sweet little girls met me at the door and didn't even blink at my formal evening wear. She already had popcorn out on the table ready to go - I thought it would be a simple "grab and go", but then she handed me the most beautiful crafted bag with a pretty pink bow tied around it.  I dissolved in sobbing... It really is beautiful and I felt so yucky.  Not just on the outside, but on the inside and my frustrations came out until I ran away.  No one packed my bags, though Honey heartily encouraged me to hurry up and run over to QL's house for that "much needed" popcorn, though we still had a batch or two left. My boys didn't say "see ya" and the dog cowered in the back room.  I think I've lost my joy and have become a nag and on my way to letting my bitterness and anger get the best of me. 
I'm so thankful I ran away last night, because she listened and shared her heart with me, held me till I sobbed no more, was a true friend.  She didn't "fix my problem", but she really helped my clouded heart with words of profound wisdom for where I hurt the most - my "Momma side."

Sometimes, as moms we feel so overwhelmed and feel like the only hope is to run away.  I'm so thankful I didn't go far and I had a friend indeed, and hope that if you ever feel like running away, you have a friend of the heart as well.

ps.  Didn't she make a beautiful colorful little bag made from California Dreaming material she had in her stash?  I do love this friend!  I'm thinking QL and I need to do dinner sometime very soon and I know just the place!

Well,  last night The Momma and Momma Hume went out for a little GNO at just the right place.  Time passed so quickly. It lifted my spirits, encouraged me, and was just what I needed. 

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the momma said...

awww ~ I love you
ps ~ thanks for the yummy food & GNO