Friday, June 15, 2012

Working away from home give you holey walls.

With school being out and the Girls are home with their moms, I was asked to care for one family's children (ages 10 months, 3, and 4th grade) in their home, 3 days per week.

Bathroom reno doggy style
Living room horror
Hate to leave Youngest alone all day with nothing but an x-box or tv (which is what he would do). I did leave him here once with a "do list", but nothing past getting dressed and eating breakfast was accomplished. Ha!!! The boy is going with me! The dogs? They had to go to UltiMutt Dog Care twice - its that or Bandit chews another HOLE in our wall or whatever shoes he thinks taste good.  Guess I need to pick out some new paint colors and get this covered ASAP!

Adding nails to our patterns
 Since the baby goes down for a nap almost immediately, it's a great time to do a project with them before lunch (besides reading, math, or "kissing their brains" as their momma says). Our first project was Nail and String art. Do you remember doing that? It seemed a but daunting at first, but once they had a demonstration and did the first layer, it was easier than they thought. They were so proud of the finished product and how cool they looked. Hope our next project is just as fun! Now if I could just find that next project! Any ideas?

Youngest figuring out the pattern
Are you doing any special summer projects with your kids or is your project to sleep past 7 am? Hopefully on my days off and weekends I can get some things knocked off my list and reclaim our kitchen table! Guess there is always July!
Youngest's String Art

Mr. M's String Art