Friday, July 20, 2012

Our little black box

When the little black box (some type of control thingy) for our main hot water heater gave out on Thursday afternoon, I was secretly thankful I'd gotten my shower that morning.  Honey is such a great handy guy, so I knew he would have it fixed soon, right?  There is one thing I inherited from my mother is keeping all our warranty, paperwork, etc, in a file.  Knowing this, Honey asked me to get the file.  Simple right?  No!  There is NO evidence of this water heater we purchased in '09.  I literally tore the file cabinet apart, as well as any place else, it could possibly be.  I'm sure it will turn up next week. 

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"Can you call Whirlpool?" Honey inquired at 10 p.m..  They so happen like to keep normal business hours, so I called yesterday instead and the tech guy asked me all KINDS of questions.  Shoot!  I didn't even know how to light the tank!  He kindly requested my husband call him back as soon when he gets home. When he checked to see if it was still under warranty, they didn't have record of it either! Somehow I didn't register it or their system update lost it.  We have a ghost water heater!    They surmised the Black Box was the issue and guess what?  It's really still under warranty!  Couldn't believe it!  Part will be here on Saturday, but until then, the only small hot water heater is in the kitchen (which is huge blessing for us).  Spit bathes here we come!  Reminds me of my childhood! 

You can only go so long without a shower before you start thinking how to garner an invitations from friends to use their shower. Being a "big girl" and the mom, I did what I could....   You know a cold shower isn't really that bad when it's 100ยบ outside.  All you have to do is pretend you're in the middle of a cold mountain waterfall...

Meanwhile, if you pass by our house on Saturday and we're all waiting in the driveway, we're waiting on a new Black Box.  Just honk and wave and pass on by.  Some of us may be going heavy on the deodorant and cologne.

Update:  Honey installed the new little black box on Saturday and we once again have hot water.  Time to wash White Clothes! 

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Flourchild said...

Oh I do not like cold showers! I appreciate your comment. I did not have to sand anything!! I will send you a link to wear I got the idea!! I love it too..thanks!!