Friday, September 14, 2012

Miss A's Jellybean baby quilt

Sweet Miss A
When I saw a pattern for this Jellybean quilt at Thimble Blossoms, I knew I wanted to make it someday.  Loved the colors, but it was the "motion" and way it was laid out that drew my attention.  I didn't know yet who I was going to make it for when I first saw it, but then I found out SHE was on the way and I knew.
(You would think with 7 months of knowing she was on the way, I would have this finished before now) 

All pressed and ready for lay out!
Last Friday, Miss A arrived and I knew I was really going to have to beg my machine to be nice and keep the tension right.  It's been wonky and I've not been able to do any quilting on it, just straight stitching. I still have to square the blocks up, but overall, I've been pleased.  It felt so good to sit down and work on a quilt again.  Almost like alone time therapy!  The solid connecting squares were tricky for me trying to make sure they line up right, but in the end, it was easy to construct.

Bible Verse in Border

The Back
Even my mother-in-law said she would like to make a quilt using this pattern.  Always been impressed with her quilts - she does each of her totally by hand, nothing electric here

each block 

Quilted Scripture
 each stitch
every seam

all the quilting:
 I' m not there yet

needle and thREADThe color of my pictures are not great (taken with my phone camera)  - the middle squares are really a purple, but a lot of these fabrics are inspired from her nursery theme.   If you'd like to see another lovely Jellybean quilt, head over to Laurel's  Flicker pictures using white as the neutral middle diamonds. 


Bookshelf Reading:   This week, I borrowed Only's library copy of Karen Kingsbury's Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope and about cried all the way through the final Baxter Family book.  The girls and I read many books this week, but two new ones were Ollie the Stomper  and Miss Mary Mack (now that was a hoot trying to teach a two and three yr. old the hand motions!  It's hard enough doing Drive My Car or Tony Chestnut (Toe Knee Chestnut)

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