Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy mind

Youngest has surprised us from the beginning, and there are times I'm not sure he really my child. His brain is always busy thinking, planning, talking, creating.  He's constantly building and inventing things with Legos, woods, ink-pens, batteries, etc.  We can almost guarantee that if something is missing, we can find it in his room, taken apart and re-purposed  and capable of shooting something!

Yesterday, he finished school early and I saw him making his way outside to the garage hauling the kiddie slide. Fearing he has too much of his daddy in him, I opened the shades and watched.

Last summer I found this slide for $10 and was thrilled at the thought of a great bargain, but also that I could attach a hose to it and have a water slide...  Alas, it requires something more than just an ordinary garden hose and I've not had the chance to figure out what type it is.  Youngest decided to figure out a solution and he had ALL KINDS of pipes, fixtures, tools, etc out there trying to fix it.  He mentioned me he needs to just connect the hose to the PVC pipe non-permanently, and then he'd have it.  It was really amazing to see how his brain was really working and how well he thought out what he needed to do. 

Did I mention that he had DUCT TAPE?  "Mom, Duct Tape can fix almost anything."  Believe me,  MacGyver would have been VERY proud!  Needless to say, his attempts didn't work, and after THREE hours, he finally came in for dinner.  He's a very determined fellow! 

I think it's going to be a daddy/son project for this weekend. 

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