Monday, October 15, 2012

It's a pain

my lovely bones
  It's been a pain having constant aches,
makes me a very grumpy person, well, maybe grumpier than usual.

I went last week to see the orthopedic doctor.  After x-rays of my hands, hips, and shoulder, and the dreaded blood test. I've got those fun veins and arteries that love to play Hide and Seek and it is usually a very painful (more than usual) process.  Thankfully the poor tech took pity on me and was able to draw it from my finger! 

Dr. said my inflammation levels are at 10, which is way under if I had RA or some other auto-immune disease (20-60), my bones and joints show no signs of wearing down or deterioration.  Problem with hands and arms- probably carpal tunnel and will have a nerve study test on the 23rd.  Due to shoulder pain, he gave me a cortisone/steroid shot in my shoulder - felt like it was HORSE needle, but after a few days, it feels 90% better!  I know it's temporary, but for now, I'll take it. 

Saturday, we really wanted to go to a huge ice cream festival, but with the rain, we nixed that and went for a weekend at home. I headed off to for a quiet few hours at a local quilters exposition. It was fun to see the wide variety of quilts and interpretations, and how each was quilted. was truly inspired, but so many of those quilts were way beyond my dreams, ability, or desire. I do think someday, when I grow up, I want to have a long-arm quilting machine and sewing room!  I bought some material for my dream Swoon quilt and maybe this next year, I can get it made. Meanwhile, I keep collecting ideas and fabric.

I was finally able to go to church yesterday after being gone for almost a month.  It felt so good to be back and the worship time was just what I needed. Having all the aches and pains and no clue to their cause makes me think of Paul and so many of the others have dealt with illnesses.  While I'd love to think I'm just on top of the world of this and handling it like a humble, uncomplaining, I'm not very good at this and I don't hide my emotions or feeling well.  I'm not asking God to take this away or for miraculous healing, though we have seen Him do a miracle in our Youngest, but whether this is temporary or "forever", I'm learning and know, it could always be so much worse.

Until then,  I'm filling up the tub and warming up my bones.  These cold rainy days are not my friend!

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I am glad you got some relief for your shoulder. Hope you continue to mend.

My mom had surgery on both of her wrists and got a lot of relief. Hers came from crocheting.