Sunday, October 7, 2012

Muted or rich

My brother's oldest son is getting married in May and seems like a good reason to go fabric shopping! I LOVE the smell of new fabric!

I decided to go with a Thimble Blossoms pattern, On A Whim, and it makes me a bit nervous. They lean towards more muted (I was told "richer/deeper" colors - much outside my color zone. I really struggled picking out fabrics that were not too bright this time. Good thing I have a few months!

Meanwhile, I've got my Machine back from its "tune up" and hope to finish my sweet cousin's daughter and husband wedding quilt by this weekend. I'm a tad bit behind as they got married last April!

I already have two other baby/toddler quilt tops ready to be quilted before November.

What do you think? Rich or muted? Maybe it's richly or deeply muted.