Thursday, November 29, 2012

God's nudging

I didn't want to go to Wally World, but daughter came down with flu and needed some tea and soup. I resisted the whole way and almost drove past, but God kept telling me to go, so I did. As I was searching for some soothing tea for her, a family behind me was picking out PB and their older elementary age son was in a wheel chair. The dad got a phone call from their mortgage company, and I overheard him asking for grace, as they were not 3 months behind yet. His job was slow because it was winter. I really just about cried right then and there. I did what God prompted me to do, via a total stranger, and can't stop thinking of this family.

Our church does a thing every year at Christmas called "Season of Blessing" where they aggressively encourage us to bless other people: police, mail carrier, another church, neighbor, shut-in, clean toilets at a convenience store, do fix-it jobs for someone who can't, a teacher, buying the meal/coffee for the person behind you at a restaurant, a hospital or dr office, retail workers, etc. let your imagination run wild! This yr, thy decided to have hand out practical and obtainable suggestion cards to the congregation (before it has always been $$ to each person - from $10-100) and asked that we commit to doing what was on the card, before we even opened our envelopes. My card said to bless the staff at the very same therapy treatment center where our youngest received therapy for 6 yrs! I'm still mulling over how to do this, but know that He will show me what I need to do.

Have you ever felt God nudging you and you resisted? What is one way, normal or different way you have blessed someone?

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