Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pie-ful of memories

Apple pie
Today as I was making pies and dinner rolls, it made me remember back to my childhood.  Growing up, Thanksgiving was a HUGE deal!  All the family (aunts, uncles, cousins) traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Wilson's house.  There was always this really big turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed tators, and burned pies.  Last night I taught Only how to make pie crust using a recipe I've used for years , except we did it in the food processor (my hands hurt).  They didn't turn out bad and she did a great job. Ah, so thankful there were no burned pies and we had plenty of dough left over to use the scraps as pie crust strips (as my kids call them). I'm thinking we should have kept one of the applie pies here to eat for breakfast!
Trying to be creative, Pinterest inspired

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Beautiful and creative.

I am sorry to hear that your hands are still bothering you. It is a season where we use our hands a lot.
Praying you get some relief.