Monday, November 12, 2012

D & L's Wedding quilt

Several months before my niece and her fiance got married, I began working on a quilt for them using Auntie's Diamonds by Jamie Mueller (Sunflower Seeds)  - a Moda Bakeshop Recipe.I was confident I could get it done by the wedding, but it didn't happen.  Last week I was finally about to really put those final touches on it, finishing quilting all the adjectives they requested, and nervously sent it Priority Mail.

More specific were the words I  "wrote on the brown border of their quilt: The chorus of the song they had their first dance to and 1 Corinthians 13 - all the "i's" were dotted with  .  One of the pink rectangles is a rough replica of the Unity Cross they used in their wedding ceremony.  Some of the words I included in the main part of the quilt were:
    The back
  • goodness
  • failthful
  • kindness
  • laughter
  • patience
  • joy
  • peace
  •  dreams
  • love
  • unfailling love
  • steadfast
  • affection
  • family
  • God gave me you
  • Auntie's Diamond Wedding Quilt.

 His is appliqued in NB Cornhuskers, her is OU


Mom of D and L said...

You are a precious gift from God sharing your love and talents with many. I am so thankful to have you loving and praying for my family. This quilt, made with your loving hands, displays the love you have poured into it, making it a priceless sacrifice and expression of God's love for one another.
We love you very much!

Mom of D and L said...

P.S - And today is Lindsey's Birthday! What a perfect day to post this!