Monday, November 12, 2012


Youngest went hiking this weekend with his Boy Scout troop. About 10 miles total and then the last part in the cold rain. He's dragging majorly and looks like he could sleep all day if I let him.

He finally crawled out of bed and upon exiting the bathroom, I told him I needed him to clean the stool today. We've got this rule... "If there is a urinal or tree, use it, but if there isn't, sit you must." Breaking this rule equals having to clean the toilet.

With an exhausted look on his face and feet dragging, "Hey mom, do I have to do school today if I clean the toilet?"

Um, YES! Oh, I already had a whole lecture running through my head on doing one chore doesn't exempt you from doing daily stuff... I'd better stop now or you'll be hearing my lecture #12,467 (or whatever I want to call it).



I know nothing about raising boys.


Aunt Raine said...

Oh my goodness! When I saw the picture of him asleep in bed, I noticed how him and oldest look so much alike!
I'm too soft, I would've said school would start late today due to the "field trip" you had! LOL!