Thursday, November 1, 2012

Duh, how did she get so smart?

Last week test confirmed I have carpal tunnel in both hands and I have found some relief in this awesome hand/wrist brace that has Memory Foam in it. Dr wants to do surgery on my left. Not sure when I'll be able to find time for that!

This carpal tunnel thing sure interferes with many activities, but one really bummed me out - quilting! My hands get so tired and very sore and the brace doesn't fit under my Grabaroos. I mentioned this to QL the other day and she asked "won't the brace fit OVER the Roos?"

Genius! It's not the prettiest thing and it makes taking off my Roos much more tedious, but it works and its much more comfy to quilt. Now if she could just solve some of my other issues!

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