Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grandma Susie

Went to see an old friend today and it made me quite sad.

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Before Honey and I were married, I would visit him for a weekend. We would house hunt, visit churches, and work on wedding planning. I always stayed with an older lady whom was friends with Honey's boss' family. She had a quite a story, a beautiful smile, and always called me Honey or Sweetie. Everyone, (and I mean everyone) called her Grandma Susie. She has always been very active, energetic, and spoke her mind, whether you wanted to hear it or not. She greeted everyone, and I think her and her late husband were charter members at church. As each of our kids were born and grew, she attended birthday parties, prayed for them, chewed them out, and gave them hugs. Only still has a Maple Longeberger child's purse basket with $2 bill that Grandma gave her as an infant.

She's not been doing well the last 5 yrs and after a few falls and the onset of Alzheimer's, she now resides in a rehab care facility.Frankly she has been missed my many.  There are those who are so knew they do not know about her.  They have missed  meting and getting to know a great,  caring, and giving woman of God, and now those stories, the people she has impacted are no longer remembered, but they've not forgotten her.

When I arrived, she as found on the front row, listening to a group lead a worship time/church for the residents. We wheeled her down the hallway a bit to not disturb others, I wondered if it were a mistake going there, but I know God had been prompting me to go, and go I did.  As I knelt there talking to her, she sat in her wheel chair, patting my cheek with her gnarled hand, smiling and laughing. "I'm going to see you in church Sunday! I will! I'm tired of missing," she declared! Tears welled up in my eyes. As I kissed her forehead, leaving a lipstick stain behind, she smiled and laughed again. "That's alright Girl, it's ALRIGHT.   Though she no longer remembers me, she clearly remembers Him.

I miss Grandma Susie. 


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So glad you followed that prompting. What a sweet and darling woman. I am sorry for your loss.