Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bobbin Thread solution

If you sew at all, you probably have bobbins with all those messy threads going all directions, catching on everything.

Pinterest is a virtual "cork board/filing cabinet" to keep ideas or things I need to remember or want to do. I recently saw
A pin about using tubing to keep all those pesky threads in line and close to the bobbin when in storage. HAD to try it out!

Honey bought the clear tubing at our local Lowes, cut it to size and cut a very tiny section from each bit, and wahlaaa! Works like a charm and they still fit in my bobbin case! Thanks Honey for listening and making sewing a little bit easier!

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I wish I needed this solution, which would mean I knew how to sew. My mom was an amazing seamstress, yet I never learned. (I sewed curtains, once.)