Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Of the three,
I have loved him the longest
Understand him the least
Cried the most over
Spanked the most
He claims he is my favorite
He speaks the least
Frustrates me the most
Is most like his daddy
We have wounded each other the most with our words,
He is the most athletic
I pray for him most
He sleeps the most
Has a secret love for candy sprinkles
Is our most mysterious,
Our most stubborn/strong-willed
Stays up the latest
Sleeps in the latest
Mathematically gifted
Our most mischievous
A sweet big brother
Rocked the most due to childhood illnesses
Procrastinates the most and latest on school
Has a huge heart for God
Unique sense of humor

And somehow, he's turning 20 this Saturday.

I still love you Oldest, and you are my favorite oldest child!

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