Friday, December 28, 2012

Net's Blissful confection

My Blissful Confection
 Once upon a time I decided to make myself a quilt.  It was one of the first quilts I made and I really didn't know I was doing, but I had a great coach and mentor. 

I chose the quilt pattern  Blissful Confection  by Rebecca Silbaugh of Ruby Blue Quilting Studio
 because I could use a variety of smaller scrap material I had.  I loved the end result and color combination of fabric, but my FMQ quilting skills were not great. I'm still learning, but loving it more.

I hid adjectives that I (and my family) thought describe me or are special to me. Kid's names, missions trips, things I like to do, and tried to practice some FMQ patterns that I've been wanting to try.  Not perfect, but that's okay. I wasn't aiming for perfect, just cozy and cheerful.

The back
The colors on my first pictures were not vivid or accurate, but they show the whole quilt. It is not my "dream" quilt, but I like it. I love having a quilt all my own, even if I do find my husband using it from time to time. Guess it's time to make him one!



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