Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometime you've got to sleep it off

This lunch thing is too much!  Miss A
With four little ones in the house, there is a whole lot of sleeping going on at various times during day. While I wish it was I taking a nap, that doesn't happen unless I nod off rocking one of them or giving the baby her bottle (I'm sounding old huh).
Miss A learning to sleep in her bed

Oldest and Miss C. 

Nap times are down right glorious around here.  The two little ones go down at 9:30 and wake up at 11:30 or noon.  Older ones will stay up, do learning activities, eat lunch and go down for nap...

argh!  Younger ones get up at same time... It's like a cirus here!

Oldest and Bandit after long day of work


Miss I just couldn't wake up!
I must say that some of my favorite time is when the two youngest go down. Yes, they are a lot of work, but this is the time that I'm able to do fun learning activities with Miss "I" and Miss AB. On rare occasions, they will all be down at the same time... ah, the house is so blissfully quiet that I get a sewing project out and work on it while going over school with Youngest.  While I'm confessing, when they all leave, it's all I can do to NOT lay on the couch and just rest. I'm afraid if I do, then I'll not want to get up and the family does need to eat.

I actually do have another favorite time (besides 5 p.m.), and that is when all the other girls, except Miss C leave.  This means snuggle time in the chair with her or reading books, when she starts to relax and slowly nods off and I get to just sit there and enjoy rocking.  She is a blessing with her impish spirit and adorable smile. 

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