Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise...

I'm not even going to ask if you've ever had one of THOSE days, I'll just impolitely assume so.  Today was THAT day for me and for Youngest as well.  Anything that could happen did, and while I can wish away that I was a better mom or that I didn't let the stress or events of the day get to me, but it did. 

Brain woke me up at 4 a.m. (This hour is not even legal in my house), so since I was up, might as well do my new Hello Mornings Bible Study:  Abounding Hope.  I should have spent more time in my Bible Study!  I have very much been looking forward to my second Bible Study with HM and I love the accountability and support offered! It's always been an area I struggle with.

There was only one volume today  during play time - that would be scream level.  Baby screamed and cried most of the day (except when held)  and that alone made me want to jump ship.  She had finally dozed off in her car seat when Fed Ex knocked and our German charged the door barking (of course) her loudest, waking the said sleeping baby, whom was screaming again.  I finally said a bad word SHUT UP and the they all looked at me.  I just prayed they didn't repeat it once they got home or I'm in deep trouble! I've not said that before to them and knew I  shouldn't have said it.
Miss AB cleaning the toilet.

I gotta go pee"  said she, and she did on the toilet   But... (you knew there had to be a but) she's just learning to do this and did not scoot far enough back on the seat... pee, pee and more pee down the front of the  toilet. Oh, yes, I did make her clean it up.

It had been rainy all day, freaking the dog out, so she spent her day in the laundry room with her "Jacket of shame" Thundershirt on listening to classical music, plopped down as close to the running dryer as she could get. I'm a bit envious and almost wished I'd been in there with her, but I got that wish a little later in the day.

Oh, did I mention that Miss C had black beans for dinner last night because she DID NOT digest them one iota!!!  ewwwww!!!  Gross!!!   Raisins and black beans are a no no for little kids!

The kids were playing after naptime when  the tornado sirens went off... and we sprinted into action by gathering kids, diaper bags, my purse, phone, shoes, the all important paci and special blanket and cramming into our safe room - the laundry room.  Course Miss C was not happy about this one bit, especially having to have the dog's paw touching her or maybe it was Lady panting and drooling on her.Meanwhile AB and Youngest are playing I Spy in the laundry room and she didn't want to leave it when the warnings are over... 

Oh, Did I mention that Miss C somehow got the cap off her sippy cut and was happily slinging it ALL over the kitchen?  um, yes she did and I do believe she quite enjoyed it! I did not enjoy wiping it all up.  Oh, that reminds me, I need to mop in the morning.

In the end, I must say, I should have put myself in timeout somehow, but thankfully Youngest was such a tremendous help that I cancelled school for him and didn't feel bad about doing it.  We'll call it a Sanity Day.  When all the girls left and it was so totally quiet, Youngest and I sat down on the couches and started watching season 1 of Psych.  Well, I attempted to watch most of it, but it was the much needed nap that won out.  Felt so much better after even 30 minutes of rest. Fixed breakfast for dinner :fluffy pancakes, Blue and Gold Sausage, and Buttery Skillet potatoes.  After dinner it was nice for the whole family to settle down to watch the season premier of Top Gear. It felt so good to laugh, but oh the evenings are not long enough! 

 Just Another Day In Paradise  by  Phil Vassar

The kids screaming, phone ringing  
Dog barking at the mailman bringing  
That stack of bills overdue  
Good morning baby, how are you?


Christy said...

Hey Gina,
Days like these wear me out! I hope today is better. :) Glad you're in our Hello Mornings group.

Christy said...

OOPS! I'm sorry! I meant Lynnet! :/