Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday

wfmw-300x198Some of the challenges of changing diapers are for the little ones to be occupied or distracted during the whole process. It's a stinky job, but necessary.

We know that the type of "mess" sets the time involved and let's face it, their attention spans are next to zero. Not much we can do about the time it takes, but we have a small way to help divert their attention.

In our bathroom, we have a small trim piece around the counter that acts as a "mini" shelf. Perfect for placing one or two small toys, in our case, two McDonalds Happy Meal type, they know they can okay with and occupy their times of "great" change. Truthfully, I'd rather have the kids playing with a toy in their hands than their little hands wandering down and possibly getting their hands in the horrible mess. They each know when we're "all done!", they put the toys back on the shelf and wait to be picked up and put back down with the rest of the girls. They are called Phone Guy and Box Guy.  These mindless toys elicit random conversations about where would they wear a hat, what do you say on a phone, what do you put in a box, can you stand on your head, etc.

This is what Works-For-Me and I'm joining in with We Are That Family for What works for me!

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