Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh Honey Honey, Ah Sugar Sugar!

"Did you see it?" Honey casually asked minutes after he came home.

"No, See what?  as I'm pulling another steaming Belgium waffle out and stacking it with the rest.

"You didn't even notice!  I can't believe you didn't notice!"  Okay, this man is starting to annoy me, but he is rarely this excited about much. I start looking and thinking he's a little touched if he is referring to the ice and snow we'd been receiving all day.  Or maybe he brought me something, or was combing his hair to the other side possibly.

Then I catch him looking at a paper hanging on the cabinet behind me... Now there were TWO papers, a newer updated one taped over the previous one that made to the Cabinet Wall of Importance.  Last week he brought home the first one and taped it in a spot of importance - right where I look each morning as I'm getting the girls things ready. It had a few places that had yet to be determined, so I waited, but it did say he was in Group 4, which was the highest group he could have attainedSo I look a bit closer and notice there is one tiny difference.  It's that small line in the last section: Overall Rank in Group:  1.  Wait!  Wait! NO WAY!  NO WAY!!!   I'm screaming and hugging his neck, kids come running,... I'm so incredibly proud of the man I married 23 yrs. ago, because it has been 23 years now at the same Ford Dealership performing the same job as Service Advisor. 

This year Honey has an Overall Rank in his Group of 1.  That means he is the number ONE Service Advisor for Ford Motor Company in a 4-state area (TN, MS, AR, LA) over all other Ford Service Advisors!!!   Can you hear me jumping up and down and screaming??? 

What does this mean exactly?  It used to mean a trip to the Main Ford Headquarters, but that stopped a few years ago. So when I really know what this really means, other than he's the BEST, I'll have to update this.  I'm very thankful  that he has persevered in a position that is very difficult. If you would like to read more, please visit my post from last year when I posted about this: 
Honey is the #4 Ford service advisor in a FOUR state area group
 I'm just going to say it here and loud for the world to hear:  I AM PROUD OF MY HUSBAND!!!

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