Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Very First Easter Bunny lead the way for humble learnings.

The Very First Easter Bunny This Easter I wanted to do something with the girls to help them possibly know more about what Easter is really about, so I read them a book about the first Easter bunny.  Yes, I know, stick with me.

I've had this book, The Very First Easter Bunny by 

So we talked about the passover Feast, what they ate and why they did it, and in the process, made these adorable little bunnies from their feet and hands.  We talked about how their feet were very dirty traveling many miles to get there.  and no one had offered to wash their feel.  So Jesus did the leader thing, and washed their feet. 
We also talked about how they can use their bunnies to tell others about Jesus the way the first Easter Bunny did through treasures he had found that told the story of through bird egg, a butterfly chrysalis,

and that, Friend, is the sum of our Easter celebration with kids and we all found it quite lovely!

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