Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Invisible child and a very Public bathrooms

Snapshot of our morning

School is finally winding down and we decided to take the day to celebrate - that and wear the girls out...   They had a great time getting out on such a beautiful morning and the Miss AB loved having Youngest to play with all to herself.  He's great with little ones, playing on their level, and not being afraid to be silly in the process.  I love hearing the girls giggle and laugh while playing or even see youngest being goofy and not caring.   But I'm sometimes really amazed at the things we see or experience when we're out.  Maybe I should clarify a bit.

The "Invisible" Child

The "invisible" girl
Youngest and Miss AB were playing a great game of Hide and Seek around the playground equipment and having a great time in their own little world.  There were a few other kids there absorbed in their own play and no one really purposely went out of their way to take part.  It was Miss AB's turn to "hide" and of course she picked the same spot she had found Youngest (remember she's only 3).  Connor was a good sport and looked in many various places, asking me several times (with a grin) if I had "seen" her as he obviously walked right past her.  What a good sport he is!  I was holding Miss "A" on my hip watching and taking pictures when a girl whom was there with other kids, who had been watching us from the merry-go-round, walked up to us with the most incredible look on her face.
     "Don't you see her?  That little girl you're looking for is RIGHT THERE!" she said pointing to Miss AB hiding under the slide.  I honestly think she thought we couldn't see or find her!  Maybe she had not had the chance to play hide-n-seek with a much younger child and didn't understand why we were doing what we were doing. Doesn't matter, It was lunch time for us, so we took that cue to leave as the girls were tired.

A Very Public bathroom?

As we were driving away, Youngest and I glanced over at the playground area just in time to see a boy (whom we'd seen earlier with the girl above), clearing peeing in the grass just a short distance away from other children and where other kids played... incredible that the adult watching these kids did not take the time to walk them 25 yards across the way to the public bathrooms.  Makes me wonder how many other places I had taken my kids that morning during playtime that some kid had relieved himself on.


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