Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feeling foolish

I'm may be feeling foolish. 

Last night, while at a dinner meeting, we were asked to figure out who the oldest person at our table was. I confidently knew there was one older than 50, and then I heard Honey say "we're 47." 

What???   I disputed this knowing we were 45,  he just forgot. Right?  Only got out her phone and showed me the math...  How in the world did I miss two birthdays???  

On a brighter note,  Honey and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary last week.  Somehow having a bigger number we celebrate for anniversaries is  more awesome than having bigger numbers for our birthdays.  I think I'll start subtracting two years for every birthday I have.... 


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Ha, I always forget how old I am, too. I am 60 this year ... so that one I can remember.