Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love came a whining with some sad sad eyes

Lost, no collar, no microchip, but trained and hungry.
Two weeks ago this little female Black and Tan Coonhound pup showed up at our door.  Not wanting  our to see another dog get hit on our busy road, I let her in the house.  Because we all know I need one more thing to take care of...   We quickly figured out she was house trained as she would run to the door when she has to go and gave us about 30 seconds to get moving or start cleaning. 

Penny and Bandit in a tug-a-war over a stick
Oh, I didn't want ANOTHER DOG, we already have two larger type dogs (German Shepherd, Australian shepherd, and now a Coonhound????? 

We called every shelter, vet office, and rescue place seeing if anyone has called in missing her.  None.  Zip.  Nada... So here we are with a $300+ dog... I know that's what I was thinking!  But Only fell in love with her and those floppy ear, the elephant way she thunders through the house, and she snores when sleeping, and attempts to learn the boundaries of her new home.Pretty Pink collar, sleeping on a cushion in her room.  Course she's not fond of those 5 a.m. "I gotta go potty" times, but it will get better, we tell her. 

The "fierce" turtle Penny tracked and hunted down. 

Other morning I caught her baying up a storm and rolling something around in the mud.  I felt so sorry for the poor turtle that cause so much excitement that morning as to warrant being attached by some ferocious yipping, slobbering, sharp toothed beast who was trying to teach him to fly.  It wasn't working.  I finally took the poor creature and let it be free on the outside of the yard.  Penny must have followed it's scent for 5 more minutes before I made her come in.  Whew!  Saved a life! 

So that's some of what is new in our lives.  I'll have to share more later.


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