Thursday, July 4, 2013

Slamming shots

 Youngest has had a stubborn rash on his chest and stomach, like a heat rash, for about 2 months now.  He doesn't complain about it.  At first I thought he might have eaten some chocolate without knowing it, but the rash isn't all over his body.  He's allergic to any type of chocolate - yes, I can hear everyone moaning about this one.  I thought it might go away on it's own, but last night I finally decided to try giving him some Benadryl, but the only kind I had was liquid children's cherry flavored for one of the girls.  Oh, that is his LEAST favorite flavor

He asked me one final time if this was his only option, and I affirmed...
"Well Mom, I'm going to do this like a man and down this shot glass."

"Um, Youngest, that isn't a shot glass and THAT is an antihistamine,"  I said wondering what his little brain was thinking.   

Picking up the clear medicine cup filled with the cherry "poison", took one final whiff, put the vessel to his lips, opening his reluctant lips, threw back his head and downed it with one gulp.  Slamming the empty cup upside down on the counter, and wiping his pink stained mouth with the back of his hand, he exclaimed with a satisfied grin ,  "DONE!"

Please someone tell me where he comes up with this stuff.  Must be from Indiana Jones or something


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Momma Hume said...

Has he been watching his wild momma? ;-) I knew you had a hidden wild side.