Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet summer scents

Closing my eyes,I rested my chin against her damp pig-tailed tresses and breathed in, expecting a sweet scent of baby bath.  Instead I was surprised when a Beachy Copper tone, mixed with a bit of outdoor sunshine freshness and unmistakable pool chlorine, filled my senses.

Cousins gather at Grand Lake, staking out "prime" sleeping spots while aunts and uncles set up noisy box fans in creaky wooden windows. Flip flops slapping rocky paths, rolling worn blackish inner-tubes splashing, with laughter spilling into the evening. Laying out on late 70's stick-to-your-skin plastic folding lounge chairs, sun towels drape over low hanging branches to dry in the warm summer heat. Conversations increase as the hint of cooking hotdogs mingle with the song of bullfrogs, cicadas, and crickets.

"Raine" and Roy
Sneaking out for midnight swims, stumbling along pebbled paths to the wooded beach, hidden on a cove, waves gently carry driftwood onto the moonlit, tan-colored sandy shore. Distorted reflections of sparkling stars surround the pale golden globe bouncing on the gentle waves.

Swatting Mosquitoes, water-skiing filled days, and peeing in the middle of the lake, and sleeping beneath the vast OK sky... a smattering of whispered voices spill into the night, over the loud respiration coming from the cabin occupied by the adults. 

Amazing is the scent of a sleeping child, that can bring back so many wonderful memories...




Sweet memories, indeed.


Raine said...

Some of my most fondest and favorite memories and I too often think of the same memories when smelling the coconut tanning oil.