Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hold on tight!

Ever been involved in a car chase? Me neither, but maybe the events of the day seem so hectic that all you can do is grasp for something to hold on to?  Lately, it seems that life is going at lighting speed fast - like on a twisty wooden roller coaster. Noisy, fast, and there is no way to get off until the ride is over.  I actually love roller coasters - the thrill of the ups, downs, twist and turns.  

Our daughter, Only, is getting married next Saturday.  Counting less than seven days!  I

Oldest is home from Bible college for a little while.  We are all so joyful to have him back, even it's only for a few weeks.  I love hearing our boys playing games in the living room, laughing and giving each other good natured jabs... 

Hmmmmm,  who is that cute brunett he's got his arm around???  

I'm taking my first ever requested vacation days from work, so we can work on wedding stuff.  Not sure I'm quite mentally ready, but we will see!  She has been working steadily on packing up her room... *Sigh...*   

I've been staying up late working on the flower girl dresses. Still much to do. 
Isn't Miss C so cute?  Want to make a guess  on if she will really make it down the aisle?    Honey has been working on the special rifle bullet boutenerre holders, and the antique doors being used on the stage areas.  
This week, it's blue mason jar, work, and then who knows what... 

Been visiting Mom each day and we have really seen the decline since thanksgiving.   Night nurses are our favorites because they treat each resident on A-Hall (Alzheimer's Hall) like family.  Sometimes we take our German Shepard (everyone thinks se is perfect),  but most times we take a jr  malt from braums.  Anything to try to get her to eat.  

Oh boy, I've suddenly become tired and it's almost midnight!!!  

Till another time, 

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Unknown said...

You are beautiful and an amazing Mom, Wife & Daughter!

Love you lots!