Monday, February 23, 2015


Honey with Only's Puppy
Last weekend, Valentines weekend, Only came down since Mr. Only had a weekend staff training retreat (I know, who in the world schedules something for Valentines weekend???).  I can't say I complained much.  Loved having her and their new puppy down!   Took time to go see Gma in the nursing home, then home to play Phase 10.

Mrs. Only getting her crafty on
Saturday, Only and I headed to Cross My Art Studio to get out crafty on.  For not knowing what we were doing, we had a fabulous time!  It was wonderful to have time to relax, paint, create, and just talk, and to take home our beautiful pieces of art!

Adding  beautiful Script

Adding some details
My  Completed project
Mrs. Only with her completed piece 

Pinterest about sums it up.  Sometimes it's the first place I look for an idea and there are so many wonderful projects I want to complete for our home.  One of those is a project called Two Little Lovers Sitting in a Tree.  The premise is to take "your song" and transform it into a personal and unique piece of art work.  Since I was having a foggy brain day and couldn't remember that ours was "Say Once More" by Amy Grant, I used "Just Another Day in Paradise" by Phil Vasser.  Honey ended up writing our wedding date under the hearts and it now has this cozy place in our kitchen. We both really like it and Mrs. Only ended up doing one for them as well! 

Honey was so sweet and surprised me with some beautiful colorful roses and tickets to see Christian singer, Michael W. Smith on Sunday.  I was so terribly excited till I woke up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning sick to my stomach with some horrible bug going around.  Needless to say, Youngest went in my place and I know that it was meant to be as he not only enjoyed it, but was moved greatly by many of his songs, especially This is Her Time.
my  new Handmade infinity scarf
Friend's daughter is raising funds to go on a mission trip to Belize,  by making some beautiful crocheted infinity scarves.   Isn't this one gorgeous???  I left the house this morning (it was a balmy 45*) without a coat, by the time we got out of church, the temps had dropped and two hours later, the most beautiful huge snowflakes were not just drifting down, they were intensely swirling, like some Disney movie snowstorm.  I was so thankful to have this scarf!  I'd love to just walk around the house with it on today - not sure I could be that inconspicuous.

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